Tech-West VPL2SSR / 2 User
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Tech-West VPL2SSR / 2 User VPL2SSR



    Upto 2 User

    Large solids collectors with clear bowls

  1. >Energy efficient motors with cap-start cap-run
  2. >Air water separators for all pumps
  3. >ADD Water recyclers for all vacuum pumps for $100 more (Model : VPL2SSR)
  4. >All vacuum pumps are wired for low voltage control
  5. Benifits:

  6. >Smooth & vibration free running.
  7. >Easy cleaning & maintenance
  8. >Lower electrical consumption means large savings to you
  9. >Enables evacuated gasses (like nitrous) to be vented out of the building.
  10. >Water savings of up to 70%.
  11. >Allows use of 24V remote switching in the office.
  12. >Tech West’s Dental Pumps have proven to be unsurpassed in technology and performance providing a vacuum system you can rely on for years to come without expensive repairs or maintenance costs. At Tech West our vacuum systems can be custom designed to fit any need, application or number of users. Tech West will also provide technical assistance with plumbing and electrical design if needed


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Suggested Retail: $2,890.00 On Sale: $2,890.00 each