3shape Trios 3 Digital impression Solution
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3shape Trios 3 Digital impression Solution Trios 3

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Trios 3 Color Pen Grip:  4th Quarter Special $30,000 (does not include computer)


The TRIOS POD configuration option offers both mobility and flexibility and gives clinics alternative set-up options including scanning and viewing on PCs, iPads, or integrating in chair solutions with mounted displays. 3Shape TRIOS® Color is a next-generation intraoral impression solution that is fast, accurate, and easy to use. Its features include high accuracy capture in color, powder-free scanning, clinical scan validation, and more. TRIOS® is optimized for a wide range of dental indications. The built-in Communicate™ software lets dentists and labs interact and exchange case information, 3D designs, and treatment previews. With every TRIOS® system, 3Shape offers yearly software upgrades providing new features.

  • RealColor™ scans with many clinical advantages: With TRIOS® color you can scan in natural colors to clearly distinguish between teeth, gingiva, and restorative materials. Easily identify true preparation margins and improve scanning experience.
  • Powder-free for optimal accuracy and comfort: Applying powder is technique demanding, can ruin scan accuracy, is uncomfortable for patients, and prolongs chair time.
  • Autoclaveable tip with anti-mist heater: Achieve optimal hygiene and meet clinical requirements. The integrated antimist heater automatically ensures an optimal temperature for undistorted and crystal clear scanning.
  • Extreme Mobility: The light and handy Pod solution is easy to share among treatment rooms or different locations
  • Use your iPad with scanning: Control TRIOS® from your iPad or mirror the live 3D view directly on other displays in the clinic such as monitors integrated in the chair.
  • Connect to multiple laptops or PCs: Use with laptops, PCs in your treatment rooms, or with the PCs integrated in your chair units*. Simply connect to the USB port and start scanning. *Note: Use with approved PCs.
  • Small footprint: The compact TRIOS® Pod can be placed anywhere in the treatment room or even in rooms where space is very limited.
The TRIOS solution is available in the following Configurations: TRIOS Cart, TRIOS Pod, and TRIOS chair integration. The TRIOS solution, in all configuration forms, is available as TRIOS Color (with color scanning) or as TRIOS Standard.

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Suggested Retail: $40,000.00 On Sale: $31,000.00 each