Low Speed Handpiece Kit Integrity
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Low Speed Handpiece Kit Integrity Integrity Low Speed


Low-Speed Handpieces

Low-Speed Handpieces

Dental Low Speed - Perfectly Designed and 

Manufactured in the USA

Includes E-Motor , Contra Angle, St Nose

1 Year Trouble-Free Warranty


Balanced and Lightweight


Reliable Performance


Made in the USA


When it comes to Dental Low Speed Handpieces, Osseo Scientific has the one for you. Our Dental Low-speed motors are designed with the Dentist in mind, and offer a full range of attachments for any speed.

Osseo's Integrity Mini Micro Motors are small in size yet extremely powerful. They provide a full range of Low-speed operations, and are available at operation speeds of 300, 800, 1250, 3000, 5000 and 20,000 RPM. The Mini Motors are light in weight and pack the same torque as our regular series.

Osseo Attachments are ideal for any combination with the Low Speed System. Their compact construction and quiet operation are impressive. All are designed to fit any E-Type handpiece.

Our competent and experienced engineering team can respond to your design needs and modify any Dental Low Speed Motor or Attachment to fit virtually any need, to accommodate your special requirements at minimal development cost.

Suggested Retail: $399.00 On Sale: $259.00 each