X-Ray Unit - XZeal Z70 Mobile
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X-Ray Unit - XZeal Z70 Mobile Z70 Mobile


X-Ray Unit - XZeal Z70 Mobile

User Manual : 1397071367_Z70DentalX-RayDoubleBrochureVer.02.pdf

    XZeal X-Ray Unit

    Unit features:

  1. Built with resistant materials, the Z70 mobile unit offers an arm with soft movements and precision, providing an easy positioning to take radiographies. Mounted on movable base and column, it allows balanced and safe displacement. The front casters have a security brakes for better use of the device. The Z70 has an electronic controller with microprocessor with pre-programmed keys that facilitate the daily operation of the equipment. The times of exhibition has a strict control to obtain a better result of the operation. With capacity of 70 kVp and 7 mA , the X-Ray head has lead covering. It offers radiographic performance with images of excellent contrast and hi definition.
  2. 2 Year USA Warranty
  3. Made in USA
  4. Why Pay more than double the price for other Brands when you can buy this unit that is made in USA

Brand URL : http://www.xzeal.us/
Suggested Retail: $2,990.00 On Sale: $2,690.00 each