Suni IQ Size #1 Sensor Kit
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Suni IQ Size #1 Sensor Kit 400-1412


Our Latest Advancement in Digital Radiography

Suni IQ Intraoral Digital SensorWith the Suni IQ digital radiography system Suni Medical Imaging continues its commitment to technological innovation and advanced digital sensor design. The Suni IQ epitomizes intuitive digital sensor technology. By combining high-performance with high-efficiency, Suni has achieved the perfect blend between superb image quality, enhanced durability, minimal radiation exposure, and comprehensive software. With the Suni IQ, Suni has created a complete digital radiography system designed to seamlessly integrate with your entire practice.

Advanced Design


The new white face plate design provides the administrator an easy target for capturing excellent x-rays without the threat of cone cuts or user error.

Noise Reduction

A perfeclty sized fiber optic plate further improves on our sensors’ low-noise performance, ensuring a better-quality image on the initial capture and less time spent on post-capture enhancements.

Suggested Retail: $9,495.00 On Sale: $9,495.00 each