X-Ray Unit - New XZeal Z70 DC Wall Mount
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X-Ray Unit - New XZeal Z70 DC Wall Mount DC

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Z70DC Dental X-Ray Unit High Frequency Intraoral X-Ray System ​ Smooth and Stable ​ The smooth & drift-free positioner allows you to trigger the exposure from a distance without the concern of shift in beam position during exposure. The long scissor arm enables reach to two patients in adjacent chairs. The clinicians can also opt for a long arm for extended reach to cater to special radiographic requirements. High Frequency DC X-Ray of stable and fine quality is produced by the 100 kHz digital generator, offering good image quality at a minimum dose. The DC system significantly reduces harmful soft radiation, compared to the conventional AC machines. With capacity of 70 kVp and 7 mA, the X-Ray head has lead covering. Made with tubular steel and a strong aluminum structure. ​ The Z70 DC is 60 to70 kVp and 4 to 8 mA ​ Z70DC with elegant ergonomics, stability and power provides high quality intraoral diagnostic radiography. ​ Design By incorporating Innovative Technologies and the latest Dual Microprocessors, Z70DC packed the power and intelligence in a number of ways to enhance the convenience of the clinician and patients. The smooth and drif-free positioner allows you to trigger the exposure from a distance without the concern of shift in image position during exposure. The sleek console is designed with graphical LCD to display parameters modes operations and self diagnostic messages. Power Input: 110 VAC High Volt. Range: 60kV-70kV settable in step of 1kV Tubehead C. Range: 4mA-8mA settable in step of 1mA Maximum Exposure Time: 3.5 sec Minimum Exposure Time: 10 msec Maximum Electrical Output: 560W at 70kV, 8mA Duty Cycle: 1:15 automatic limit based on temperature Total X-Ray Filtration: >2.5 mm Al equivalent at 70kV Leakage Radiation @ 1m: <0.88 mGy/h Focal Spot (IEC 336): 0.4 mm IEC
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